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by Oura Crew • Sep 28, 2017

How to Measure Heart Rate Variability? | Oura HRV Tracking

How to measure heart rate variability and get accurate long-term HRV data? Learn how Oura’s nocturnal tracking gives you a comprehensive view on HRV.

by Oura Crew • Sep 26, 2017

What Kind of Bird Are You? | An Introduction to Chronotypes

Have you always been a morning or an evening person? Dr. Benjamin Smarr writes about chronotypes and tells how they influence your everyday life.

by Oura Crew • Sep 21, 2017

What the Clock?! | A Quick Introduction to Circadian Rhythms

What are circadian rhythms? Dr. Benjamin Smarr leads you through the basics of circadian rhythms, and tells you why they are so important.

by Oura Crew • Sep 14, 2017

What Is Heart Rate Variability And What You Can Learn From It

What is heart rate variability – the ever-more popular indicator for recovery and readiness? Get to know HRV and learn how you can interpret your results.

by Chuck Hazzard • Feb 15, 2017

Oura and Calorie Burn

One of the more interesting features of the Oura Ring beyond the tracking of sleep and readiness is the tracking of active and total calorie burn. Oura undertook over a year of development and lab testing to produce a calorie burn which is 85-90% accurate as compared to an indirect calorimeter. Some background on how calorie burn is calculated is outlined below.

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