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by Oura Crew • Aug 3, 2018

Pre-Order Update #11

The latest on ring shipments, a recap on useful links and a call for unboxing videos.

by Oura Crew • Jul 5, 2018

Pre-Order Update #10: Where to find information and useful tips

This week’s pre-order update lists useful links to information and tips about the new Oura ring.

by Oura Crew • Jun 12, 2018

Pre-Order Update #9: Shipping Status and Import Approvals

Answers to the most commonly asked questions and useful resources.

by Oura Crew • May 29, 2018

Pre-Order Update #8: First Rings Shipped

The first Oura rings have shipped! Also, important information for all Android users.

by Oura Crew • May 9, 2018

Pre-Order Update #7: Sizing Kits

Read more about the sizing kits in our seventh pre-order update.

by Oura Crew • Apr 26, 2018

Pre-Order Update #6: The New Oura App & Schedules

A quick update on statuses and schedules.

by Oura Crew • Apr 4, 2018

Pre-Order Update #5: Statuses and Schedules

A quick update on statuses and schedules.

by Oura Crew • Mar 15, 2018

Pre-Order Update #4: Updates to Oura Cloud

A look at the newest updates to Oura Cloud and the new Oura app. Introducing CSV export, average values and an updated activity tab.

by Oura Crew • Mar 1, 2018

Pre-Order Update #3: Questions and Answers

In our third Pre-Order Update we answer the questions you've sent us – from the simple yet important to the unexpected.

by Oura Crew • Feb 15, 2018

Pre-Order Update #2: A Look Inside the New Oura Ring

In this second Pre-Order Update we'll have a look inside the new Oura ring.

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