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Oura Crew | Oct 19, 2017

The Smart Ring That Gets to Know You

Tommi Eklund, who lives in Vantaa, Finland, uses the Oura ring to track his sleep and activity. Tommi spends most of his workdays sitting so in his free time he jogs and mountain bikes. Tommi has been especially happy with the good quality and the reliability of the ring.

Tommi Eklund, IoT business leader at the Finnish telecom company Elisa Ltd, is very interested in startups and new technology. He tested the Oura ring for the first time at the startup conference Slush. Now the ring is part of his everyday life, keeping him on track of his sleep quality and activity.

“I purchased the ring when yet another of my old activity trackers broke down. Many activity trackers haven’t lived up to my rhythm and lifestyle for more than half a year,” Tommi says.

“I was interested in finding out whether you can really get high-quality measurements and data from a finger. I was also attracted by the ring’s design.”

The Oura Application Shows the Need for Sleep

Tommi uses the ring primarily for tracking sleep and activity. For him, the ring is an especially useful option for following up on his sleep quality. When sleeping, the ring is more comfortable to wear than a wristband.

“I have a bad habit of staying up too late on weekdays. The Oura app tells me how much sleep I need, and suggests when is a good time to go to bed. Of course sleep quality matters, too.”

“You learn to notice how the day’s activities, the use of smart devices or forgetting to stretch, influence deep sleep and sleep quality. When you pay attention to these things, you’ll get more deep sleep.”

The Smart Ring Learns to Know Its User

A big part of Tommi’s workday is spent sitting. To balance things out, he enjoys jogging and mountain biking. When it comes to activity tracking, Tommi uses both the ring and his Apple Watch, which notifies him during workdays to stand up and stretch a bit whenever necessary.

“Too much sitting does you no good, and it’s great that you’re reminded of that. From the Oura app I see how much time I have spent sitting.”

“It’s smart that the user doesn’t need to create any predefined goals for the amount of steps or activities. Instead, the ring learns these things while in use. Some people find it annoying when activity bands start to distract them,” Tommi says and laughs.

Reliable, High-Quality Product

Tommi has been very satisfied with the reliability of the ring. It has worked as promised right from the start, and there hasn’t been a need to contact the Oura customer support. This has been a positive surprise to Tommi when compared to other activity trackers he has used.

“The ring and the app work well. The ring charges in a very short time; it’s even more important to me than battery life. I’ve experienced battery problems with other gadgets. The ring has been a very reliable device. It does what it promises to do – and does it well.”

“It’s great to see that there are innovative companies in Finland, ones that can deliver a high-quality product to the market. Quality is the key to success. It’s never out of fashion.”

If you’re interested in tracking your activity and you don’t yet have the tools for it, have a look at the Ouraring in the Oura Shop. If you have an Oura ring, have a look at our Activity FAQ for more answers or dig deep into your data in the Oura Cloud Beta.

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