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How Can I Sleep Better? | Sleep Goals for 2018

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are made. In the spirit of beginnings, also we here at Oura decided to list some of our own goals for 2018.

Choosing the topic for our resolutions was quite easy. Following our own philosophy, what would be a better goal than to improve one’s quality of sleep? Besides, let’s face it, sometimes we are better at guiding other people to improve sleep than sleep well ourselves. It’s obviously time to take action.

So, what promises did we make? We asked three team members, Chuck, Hannu and Marjo, to share their sleep goals for 2018. They also revealed their plans to achieve the goals.

Chuck: “Improve the Restorative Nature of My Sleep”

What is your sleep goal for 2018?

Continue my quest to further improve the restorative nature of my sleep. I have already found a few ‘sleep hacks’ which have worked well. These include the use of the following:

I plan to be better about my pre-bed routine and to work to adhere to my circadian rhythms in 2018. I also plan to continue researching and experimenting with sleep hacks which have been shown to help others.

What made you choose this particular goal?

I like to be at the top of my game and I’m also on the hunt to further improve my sleep and performance.

How are you using Oura to keep your sleep goal?

I have tested and used a lot of sleep tracking devices going back to the original Zeo. I haven’t found any other wearable which provides highly accurate sleep metrics and who also combines this with a recovery score and guidance I can believe in.

What do you see being the biggest roadblocks to being able to hit your goal?

Family and social commitments, as well as travel, can have a negative impact on sleep hygiene. There is not much I can do about that.

What helps you to achieve your sleep goal?

The continuing support of my wonderful partner in life, my wife Katy. She has been very supportive of my biohacking weirdness over the years. I think the worst is having me sleep with up to five different sleep tracking devices.

Marjo: “Get More Deep Sleep”

What is your sleep goal for 2018?

My goal is to find ways to get more deep sleep. Getting enough restorative deep sleep has been quite hard for me, but I have managed to find some ways to get more good quality sleep already. So, there’s hope!

What made you choose this particular goal?

Everything starts from sleep. Getting enough deep sleep has a huge impact on my overall wellbeing and my daily readiness. My busy days are full of action and I have concretely learnt how much better I can perform when I have slept well enough. I want to perform at my full potential and with the sharpest focus, whether it’s sports, work or spending quality time with my family and friends.

How are you using Oura to keep your sleep goal?

I use Oura to validate my sleeping routines, and to find out how different activities and daily choices are affecting my body and sleep. I have learned that my optimal bedtime is before 11 pm, and I should be fast asleep already at 11:10 pm to get a decent amount of deep sleep. Knowing this helps me to schedule my day. Though with an inspiring job, goal-oriented hobby and a wonderful family, it’s not always an easy task.

I have also noticed a remarkable difference in the amount of my deep sleep if I manage to close my laptop early enough in the evening, like three hours before the optimal bedtime. I can even do a heavy exercise later in the evening, but in case I’ll activate my brains with some interesting work-related issue, the sandman skips my door and it’s a hard work to calm down.

What do you see being the biggest roadblocks to being able to hit your goal?

I have always been hypersensitive to all noise and disruptions when I sleep. If I wake up during the night, which happens quite often because my daughter is still quite young, there are immediately thoughts spinning in my head and it can be difficult to fall asleep again. But my body tolerates stress quite well.

What helps you to achieve your sleep goal?

Routines…routines…routines… I hate it when I’m groggy when the alarm goes on, but love the amazing feeling I have after gotten some nice amount of deep sleep. However, here comes the Big But – there are just way too many interesting things I would like to do during the day and in the evening. It’s super hard to go to the bed, because there are just way too many things to do and discover.

Hannu: “Go to Bed a Little Earlier”

What is your sleep goal for 2018?

I want to go to bed a little earlier, let’s say around 11 pm. Regularly.

What made you choose this particular goal?

I have noticed that I get good enough Oura Sleep Scores if I go to bed early enough: the amount of sleep is higher, and sleep quality better. Objectively. My improved daily rhythm would also have an effect on the important people I’m sharing my life with (wife, kids, even colleagues).

How are you using Oura to keep your sleep goal?

Oura will stay on my finger to remind me about the big picture: quality of life and my long-term goals. If I don’t do something that might interest me in the evenings, of course it’s nice to see from Oura stats that what did I gain instead: more deep sleep, improved energy levels, higher activity levels, and so on.

What do you see being the biggest roadblocks to being able to hit your goal?

If I’m tired in the evening, I don’t have my long term goals on my mind. Even the next day seems to be far. I know I’m not too different from most of the people with this.

What helps you to achieve your sleep goal?

I want to make most of my family time with my wife and kids, and a good night of sleep makes a difference also here. I want to see some of my long-term goals to realize, and honestly, everybody really appreciates if one is productive at work.

To prove that we’re taking our resolutions seriously (and in the spirit of our tracking philosophy), we’ll follow up our sleep goals and report you how we’re doing. So, stay tuned for updates and subscribe to the Oura Insider, our weekly newsletter.

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