pre-order updates
Oura Crew | Aug 3, 2018

Pre-Order Update #11

It’s great to see that more people are getting the ring each day. We have shipped half the orders we estimated would be shipped during the 3rd or 4th week of July.

We are now shipping more orders per week than ever before and we’ll continue to rapidly increase the amount of rings shipped. However, with 8 different sizes, 4 different colors and 2 different designs we have 64 different variations of the Oura ring. This makes it difficult to predict the exact shipment date of your specific ring. We will do our best to communicate our estimates with you.

What we have done during July to speed up shipments:

Great Images on Instagram

Many of you have been asking what the rings look like in action. There’s a bunch of great images from you in Instagram with the hashtag #ouraring. Have a look! Especially this wonderful post has a series of images on what you can expect from the ring and the package.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of your first impressions and reading your reviews. Tag us at @ouraring and use the hashtag #ouraring so that we and everyone else can see them.

To those who have just got the ring: we’d love to see some unboxing videos!

When will I get my ring?

For the latest shipment estimates, see this page:

Please note that new rings are being shipped out each weekday, on a first-come-first-served basis. Here’s the updated shipment estimate as of Aug 3.

Pre-order placed in 2017

Estimated shipment: Majority of shipments sent by 2nd to 3rd week of August / Last shipments sent by August 31st.

Note: More specific models like Balance Diamond may be delayed to late August / early September.

Pre-order placed in 2018 (before or on May 31):

Estimated shipment: First shipments sent by 3rd to 4th week of August / Last shipments sent by September 30th.

Note: More specific models like Balance Diamond may be delayed to late September.

Order placed: June 1, 2018 – Aug 1, 2018

Estimated shipment: First shipments by 2nd to 4th week of September / Last shipments sent by October 15th.

Moving forward, we will give shipment estimates in these Pre-Order Updates and on this Oura Orders and Shipping FAQs page instead of private, order-specific estimates. Now that our production capacity has significantly increased, we hope your ring reaches you before our updated shipment estimate.

Important Information for Android Users

To take the new Oura ring into use, you’ll need to join the Oura App Open Beta that is available for Android versions 7.0 and higher.

For instructions and information, see here. is a hub for all your frequently asked questions regarding sizing, taking the ring into use, and other Oura related information. We’ll add new content to the hub regularly.

If you haven’t yet confirmed your ring size, you can do it at

This is the section that helps you take the ring and the app into use.

Here you’ll find useful information about ring materials and sensors, the new Oura app and ring battery life and much more.

The next Pre-Order Update will be published in late August. Until then, follow us on social @ouraring and keep an eye on the hashtag #ouraring.

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pre-order updates

Pre-Order Update #11

The latest on ring shipments, a recap on useful links and a call for unboxing videos.

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