Oura Crew | Dec 18, 2017

Give the Gift of Better Sleep This Holiday Season

The Oura ring is the perfect choice for that special someone who’s looking to find the right balance in their life. While the new Oura ring may not be ready to ship until May (updated), you can still give the gift of the new ring this holiday season. We’ve listed a few helpful ways to create something you can drop in your loved one’s stocking – and make this holiday season much more magical. Use the promo code HOLIDAY17 to get US$100 or 100€ off your gift pre-order at shop.ouraring.com. (Offer valid until December 31, 2017 so act quick.)

Here’s our suggestion (especially handy if you’re looking for a great last-minute gift):

  1. Go ahead and pre-order the new Oura ring in the Oura shop. Choose from our Heritage, Balance or Balance Diamond collections.
  2. Make something special that you can put under the tree for your loved one to let them know they’re getting the new Oura ring next year. It can be a hand-written note or anything you like. To spark your creativity here are four ideas.

4 Creative Ways to Give the (Pre-order) Gift of Oura this Season:

#1: Print out an Oura Ring Card

Here’s an Oura ring card you can print and slip in an envelope. Just check the box under the ring you pre-ordered, add your name and you’re done!

Download printable PDF

#2: Make a Paper Ring

Origami is the art of paper-folding. Why not take a piece of paper and turn it into a ring that you can place on your loved one’s finger. Just read this super-easy to follow post and you’ll be able to tell someone that they’re getting a new Oura ring.

#3: Use an Empty Ring Box

Do you have an empty ring box? You could put something in there that tells your loved one something about the gift they’re getting, for example a paper heart (because the Oura ring tracks your heart rate during the night. Romantic, huh?).

Just be careful with this one: if you suspect that your giftee expects a ring they can start wearing straight away, try option #1.

#4: Write a Poem

Are you good with words? To get your creative juices flowing, here are 6 words that rhyme with ring:

If you go with option #4, please write down your poem and send it to us at community@ouraring.com. We have a soft spot for rhyming poems. Alternatively, you can share it on social with the hashtag #ouraring.

Something Else, What?

Do you have better ideas than the 4 shared above? You can find us on social media, so tweet to us or tag us in Instagram to share your creations. We’d love to see your creative ways to spread the healthy holiday message with us.

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