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by Kaisa • Jul 20, 2017

All Essential Features in One Device | CEO Aki Soudunsaari

Aki Soudunsaari, serial entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of health tech company Naava, is passionate about wellbeing both in his work and in his free time. He uses Oura to follow his sleep, recovery and activity. “Oura is kind of like the GPS device in your car”

by Kaisa • Jul 20, 2017

The Key to Deeper Sleep | Sales Representative Simo Ohenoja

Corporate Sales Representative and father-of-two Simo Ohenoja uses Oura mainly to track his sleep quality. Seeing detailed data has helped him to understand that the key to improving his sleep is in his daily routines: “For me it all comes down to activity.

by Chuck Hazzard • Feb 15, 2017

Oura and Calorie Burn

One of the more interesting features of the Oura Ring beyond the tracking of sleep and readiness is the tracking of active and total calorie burn. Oura undertook over a year of development and lab testing to produce a calorie burn which is 85-90% accurate as compared to an indirect calorimeter. Some background on how calorie burn is calculated is outlined below.

by Dave Hepp • Jan 27, 2017

Oura for Endurance Athletes – A Q&A with CSO Hannu Kinnunen

The Oura Ring is a tool for ensuring optimal health and wellness. So it’s no surprise that we get a lot of endurance athletes who are eager to use the ring to help maintain the balance between their training and recovery. How can Oura help this growing group of ring users? We’ve asked Hannu Kinnunen, Oura’s Chief Science Officer, to answer a few common questions submitted by athletes, so they can better understand the ring’s benefits for endurance training.

by Dave Hepp • Jan 23, 2017

Say Bye to Blue Light for a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone’s body is controlled by a biological clock. This clocks operates on a 24-hour schedule, known as your circadian rhythm and is crucial to maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, we frequently make lifestyle choices which disrupt our own circadian rhythm. Perhaps the biggest disruptor: blue light.

by Oura Crew • Jan 19, 2017

Ten Ways to Sleep Better Right Now

Sleeping better matters. While we can’t change the rules of life, we can start to control those factors that affect the length and quality of our sleep. Follow these guidelines for a set period, just a week or two to start, and track how you feel every morning and overall throughout your day.

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