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by Oura Crew • Sep 26, 2017

What Kind of Bird Are You? | An Introduction to Chronotypes

Have you always been a morning or an evening person? Dr. Benjamin Smarr writes about chronotypes and tells how they influence your everyday life.

by Oura Crew • Sep 21, 2017

What the Clock?! | A Quick Introduction to Circadian Rhythms

What are circadian rhythms? Dr. Benjamin Smarr leads you through the basics of circadian rhythms, and tells you why they are so important.

by Oura Crew • Sep 19, 2017

What Can I Do With Oura Cloud? | Coach Alex Fergus

How can you start taking advantage of the wealth of data available on Oura Cloud? Health coach Alex Fergus shares some great insights in this in-depth video about Oura Cloud.

by Oura Crew • Sep 14, 2017

What Is Heart Rate Variability And What You Can Learn From It

What is heart rate variability – the ever-more popular indicator for recovery and readiness? Get to know HRV and learn how you can interpret your results.

by Oura Crew • Sep 5, 2017

How to Measure Sleep | Get to Know the Oura Sleep Score

See how to measure, analyze and improve your sleep with the Oura ring and get to know the Oura Sleep Score.

by Oura Crew • Sep 1, 2017

How to Measure Readiness | Get to Know the Oura Readiness Score

See how to measure, analyze and improve your readiness with the Oura ring and get to know the Oura Readiness Score.

by Oura Crew • Aug 30, 2017

How to Make the Most Out of Oura Cloud and the Trends View

The new Oura Cloud personal dashboard lets you dig deep into the data you track with the Oura ring. Learn how to make the most out of this new and powerful tool.

by Oura Crew • Aug 23, 2017

Oura Ring Reviews | What Others Are Saying

What’s the word around town on the Oura ring? Have a look at what people are saying and dig deeper into the reviews and stories on how people use the ring.

by Kaisa • Aug 22, 2017

Putting Sleep First | CEO Nelli Lähteenmäki

Nelli Lähteenmäki, CEO & Co-founder of Fifth Corner Inc., the company behind the wellness app YOU, believes that every person has their own health and wellbeing goals – hers is good quality sleep. “Running a startup is quite an adventure, and things can get pretty intense at times”

by Kaisa • Aug 16, 2017

“Recovery is just as important as training” | Pekka Rinne on Oura

NHL players Pekka Rinne, Jussi Jokinen and Miikka Salomäki have been using Oura during their summer training program with personal training company Prässi Ltd. We asked Pekka Rinne and his personal trainers Sami Alalauri and Katja Kukkula from Prässi what sleep and recovery related factors they keep track of, and how important sleep is for an athlete.

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