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by Oura Crew • Apr 10, 2018

Q&A with the Designers | Red Dot Design Award 2018

The new Oura rings have been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design in jewelry. We had a talk with Oura's design team members Kari Kivelä and Mikko Latomäki about their award-winning design

by Oura Crew • Apr 9, 2018

Oura Ring Receives the Red Dot Award 2018

Oura has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design in jewelry for the new range of Oura rings!

by Oura Crew • Apr 4, 2018

Pre-Order Update #5: Statuses and Schedules

A quick update on statuses and schedules.

by Oura Crew • Mar 23, 2018

Live Your Passion | The Shared Outlook of a few Dynamic Oura Community Members

We check in with four driven, highly-effective individuals who are striving for success – all in their own unique way – and still manage to stay focused and grounded to live their best life.

by Oura Crew • Mar 20, 2018

Heart Rate While Sleeping – Look for These 3 Patterns

Circadian misalignment? Late workouts not your thing? Read what your heart rate while sleeping can reveal about you.

by Oura Crew • Mar 15, 2018

Pre-Order Update #4: Updates to Oura Cloud

A look at the newest updates to Oura Cloud and the new Oura app. Introducing CSV export, average values and an updated activity tab.

by Oura Crew • Mar 6, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Meet Oura's Senior Data Scientist Heli Koskimäki

What's it like to work at Oura? Visit behind the scenes and meet our Senior Data Scientist Heli Koskimäki.

by Oura Crew • Mar 1, 2018

Pre-Order Update #3: Questions and Answers

In our third Pre-Order Update we answer the questions you've sent us – from the simple yet important to the unexpected.

by Oura Crew • Feb 21, 2018

A Journey to Improve | How I Transformed My Life to Become Successful

Oura Community member Trey Kauffman shares his personal journey to change his lifestyle and promote healthier habits.

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