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Oura Crew | Nov 16, 2017

The Ring That Guides Towards Balance | Oura Sleep Quality Tracking

Elementary school teacher Elina Lotvonen is a sporty mother of three boys, and is both a floorball and football coach. For some time, this active mom has tried to find balance in the midst of hectic everyday life. Especially sleep quality tracking has interested her. The Oura ring provides Elina with data regarding the quality of her sleep, and helps her to balance her everyday.

Elina Lotvonen suffered from sleep disorders for some ten years before she decided that something needs to be done.

“I had considered buying an activity band for a while already when I learnt about the Oura ring. In my case, it was the quality of sleep that needed to be put in order, and I was most interested in the ring’s sleep analytics which are better than in a traditional activity band.”

“I wanted to see what Oura tells me about my sleep quality, and to know whether I was imagining all the sleep related issues,” she says, going through the reasons behind her purchase.

Data Helps to Map Out Lifestyles

Elina has used the ring since March 2017. The ring analyzes the quality of sleep, sleep stages, and measures night-time resting heart rate. The ring proved Elina’s concerns right: the data showed that there were disturbances in her sleep, and the amount of deep sleep was low.

The sleep tracking works well, and I have been able to improve my sleep quality.

“The positive thing is that the data I get from the ring has helped me to evaluate which things have an influence on falling asleep, sleep and its quality. The sleep tracking works well, and I have been able to improve my sleep quality.”

With the ring in use, Elina has started to write down her bedtime routines. Information about what she has done and eaten before bedtime makes it easier to cut back the things that decrease the quality of sleep.

“I’ve noticed for example that even one glass of alcohol raises my resting heart rate with a couple of beats. I also track my activity with the ring. If I’ve had a very busy day, it influences my sleep, too. Then it’s calming down and relaxing what is needed.”

Easy to Use, Carefree Device

Elina says that the everyday use of the ring is easy. She gets information about her sleep, activity and readiness. Elina charges her ring in the evening, and checks out the data in the morning after waking up.

“I compare the data with my own experiences. You feel when you have slept peacefully. The data and my own experiences correlate quite well.”

Also the app has worked well, and it’s developed further all the time. The ring is waterproof, lightweight and according to Elina, carefree to use.

“According to my own understanding, the ring is quite versatile when compared to basic activity bands. It provides you with a bit more exact analysis of your sleep and activity. The ring has supported me in finding a balance between rest and activity.”

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