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Oura Crew | Aug 23, 2017

Oura Ring Reviews | What Others Are Saying

We at Oura believe that we’re all unique. It might sound like something you write on a motivational fridge magnet but often great truths can be found on fridge magnets. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of Oura ring reviews from around the world, from tech magazines to people like you and me. Have a look at what people are saying and dig deeper into the reviews that look like they speak to you and your unique situation. This is in no way a comprehensive list of reviews but we’ll be adding more along the way.

Oura Ring Reviews in the Press

Tech and wellness journalists have seen quite an array of amazing gadgets during their careers. They’ve tested the Oura ring as well – what have they thought about it? Here are our top picks:

“What you actually get from Oura is a service that delivers on what nearly every activity tracker on the market has failed to provide: actual prescriptive and actionable informationbased on what the service has learned from your behavior over time.”

–, Scott Sullivan

“The trick is to find a way of measuring your sleep that doesn’t interfere with your, well, sleep. We tried pillowcase clips and an electronic mat, both of which proved too bothersome and bulky for daily use. Then, we found the Oura ring.”

– InStyle, Dianna Mazzone

Reviewing Design and Wearability

“One of the biggest obstacles that the wearables industry has had to tackle comes down to simple aesthetics: People don’t want to wear a wellness computer that looks like, well, a computer. ‘To benefit from wearable wellness technology, you have to want to wear it.’”

– Mashable’s interview of Kari Kivelä, CTO and head of design at Oura

“The ring is super-comfortable to wear — it’s preternaturally smooth, and it’s subtly asymmetrical to conform to the contours of the hand. It’s made of zirconia, and it’s finished on every surface so it’s scratchproof and waterproof.”

– Hilary Bromberg, author and founder of Barefoot Provisions

Digging Deeper: In-Depth Reviews from Oura Users

Often we find that someone has said it better than we could when it comes to all the things you can do with Oura. The following are hard-hitting articles from hardcore Oura aficionados, like biohacker Ben Greenfield. Psst, if you’re thinking of buying the Oura ring, these people might have a discount code.

“In this article, I’m answering 11 of the most crucial questions I’ve received, and you’re going find out everything you need to know about parameters that drastically affect the way you look, feel and perform, but parameters you don’t see talked about much these days, things like…”lowest resting heart rate during sleep”…”activity readiness score”…”brain pulsations” and beyond.”

– Biohacker & Personal Trainer Ben Greenfield

“The Oura Ring also feels like a gift that keeps giving! Every app update brings a new feature that provides so much information about the state of my body. Whether you are looking for HRV data, body temperature, sleep quality or heart rate the Oura tracks it all. […] And as I have all my coaching clients use the Oura Ring it means I can help them to reach their goals.”

– Personal Trainer Alex Fergus

Oura and Athletes

One specific group of people who are (and should be) very, very interested about their sleep, recovery status and readiness levels are top athletes. Creating the perfect combo of training, nutrition and sleep is a “trinity” that matters the most, and sleep is one of those invisibles that needs to be made visible.

“I’ve learned to listen to my body, and Oura helps me to verify my feelings. It has also helped me to understand my sleep quality, and how to get more deep sleep. From recovery point of view it makes a difference if I sleep 7 or 8 hours.”

– Pekka Rinne, goalkeeper, Stanley Cup finalist

Oura Ring Video Reviews and Unboxing

Watch video

“I know how to be active and eat healthy, but I’ve never been really good at recovering and getting enough sleep.”

– Nelli Lähteenmäki, CEO & Co-founder of Fifth Corner Inc. Check here for more stories about life with Oura.

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“My main goal with this particular wearable is to determine overtraining, to determine heart rate variability, to determine how hard I need to train or how much I need to try to recover.”

– Fitness Coach & Pro Wrestler Stevie Richards

We hope you found a lot of food for thought from these reviews. If you want to stay in the know about all the new things we’ve got planned, follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. (Or all of them.)

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