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Oura Crew | Sep 19, 2017

What Can I Do With Oura Cloud? | Coach Alex Fergus

The new Oura Cloud personal dashboard lets you spot trends and really dig deep into the data you track with your Oura ring. What should you look at and how can you take advantage of the wealth of data available? To answer these questions, health coach Alex Fergus has made an in-depth video about OuraCloud and some of the ways he uses it with his own data and the people he’s coaching.

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Health coach Alex Fergus has been using the Oura ring for almost two years and has accumulated plenty of data about his sleep, activity and readiness. In his video, he guides us through his routine with the Oura Cloud and lets us in on the questions he asks from his data. He also talks about what metrics he looks at with his clients.

“The more data we get and the more useful that data is, the more we can understand what is working and what’s not,” Alex says.

If you don’t have 23 minutes to spare right now to watch the full video, jump right to the section that interests you:

In the video, Alex Fergus shows us some of the metrics he likes to look at together. Here’s Alex’s go-to view to analyze his sleep:

“If I was working with a client, these would be the numbers I’d be looking at just to see a good, broad snapshot of what’s going on with your sleep,” Alex says.


To get an overview of his activity (or inactivity to be more specific) and to spot any alarming trends, Alex uses this set-up:

“For me and even my clients, I’m looking at long periods of inactivity. It’s something that I have to put the effort in, just like I tell my clients. To make sure they’re moving every hour or going for walks here and there.”


Interested in Learning More?

If you want to get to know Oura Cloud, we’ve put together this article that gives you an overview of your personal Oura dashboard. And if you want to get more ideas as to what trends and metrics you could keep an eye on, check out Alex’s site– and especially these two great articles about HRV and temperature tracking.

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