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What Has Changed? | The New Oura Ring

Do you have the first Oura ring? If you want to know what has changed, what’s new and what stays the same, you’re in the right place. This article gives you an overview of the new Oura ring as compared to the first Oura ring.

The new Oura ring is now available for pre-order exclusively on ouraring.com. Shipping starts in April 2018. The new ring will ship with an updated Oura app (iOS and Android). The first Oura ring will be compatible with the new app but some features will be available only with the new ring.

Here are the main differences:

Feature highlights:

The new ring has a smaller form factor and an up-to 1-week battery life. The ring is made out of titanium with scratch-resistant DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating and is water resistant to 100 m. The prices start from $299 / 314 €.

What Stays the Same?

The new Oura ring helps you get more restorative sleep. The new ring has the same sensors as the first Oura ring, as well as a gyroscope and an improved body temperature sensor.

Like the first Oura ring, the new Oura ring tracks:

The three Oura scores – Sleep, Readiness and Activity – remain at the heart of the Oura app. Furthermore, the Oura focus continues to be on sleep and recovery from mental and physical strain. As a result, the new ring will not track heart rate 247 or heart rate during sports activities – similar to the first Oura ring. However, we have added a gyroscope for enhanced activity tracking based on movement. Gyroscope can be used to fine-tune, for example, activity intensities.

We have also added on-demand heart rate and heart rate tracking for use during meditation and breathing exercises. The ring automatically tracks restful moments, such as naps, during the day.

The Oura Solution: Ring, App and Oura Cloud

There are three parts in the Oura solution: the Oura ring, the Oura app and Oura Cloud, the online dashboard for more in-depth data analysis. Both the app and Oura Cloud are continuously evolving and we’ll be adding more features and functionality over time.

The Oura app will get a major update once the new ring starts shipping in April. The new Oura app will be compatible with the first Oura ring but, as said, some features will be available only with the new ring.

You can also add notes and tags that will help you keep track of what’s happening during the day and how it’s affecting your body.

Here are some highlights from the new app:

Technical Specifications of the New Oura Ring

If you’re a detail-oriented person, here are the technical specifications of the new Oura ring.

Product Specs




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Battery Life

What Next?

If you want to be among the first to experience the new ring, don’t wait and pre-order now.

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