Oura Crew | Nov 29, 2017

Designing for the Future | The New Oura Ring

The new Oura ring comes in three design collections: Balance, Heritage and Balance Diamond. They all have the same features and functionality so you can choose whichever fits your style. We sat down with Oura CTO and Head of Design Kari Kivelä to talk about what went into designing the new ring.

What was the inspiration for the 3 collections?

“First of all, each ring was designed with both beauty and wearing comfort in mind. Behind each design collection there’s a story we wanted to tell.”


Balance is an embodiment of our vision. Our mission is to guide people towards better health and better performance. Oura is like a compass, showing the way. That’s the underlying theme in the design. The ridge in the middle of the ring also symbolizes balance: the balance between load and recovery.”


Heritage is a symbol of gratitude. It feels good to be able to design the second Oura ring. We owe a lot to everyone who joined the journey and got the first Oura ring. Heritage pays homage to our first ring design, the Oura community and also to the history of the ring. People have been wearing rings for millennia and the minimalist design of Heritage is our way of aligning with that history.”

Balance Diamond

“Diamonds are essential to jewelry design. That’s why we wanted to make Balance Diamond. The diamonds are set by an expert goldsmith in Finland. It’s a piece of Finnish craftsmanship, in every aspect.”

What was the main driver behind the design?

“Design is such a big word. Design is how something looks, how it feels, how it works… Everything. For people to get the most out of the Oura ring, they need to wear the ring. This is behind every design decision we made: how we can make it more… wearable. All the collections had to be comfortable to wear, small enough for daily and nightly use, and the designs needed to look like something you would wear even if it was just a piece of jewelry and not a high-tech wearable device.”

Why is wearing comfort so important?

“If you think about using a device during the night, it has to be something that doesn’t disturb you: a big watch might not be something that you’d want to use because it could disturb your sleep. The new Oura ring is something you hardly feel on your finger. It’s thinner and the band is narrower. It’s like any ring you’d wear which makes it perfect for use during the night and during the day.”

How well does the new Oura ring handle daily life?

“Durability and water resistance were both top priorities when we started designing the new ring. The aim was that you could use the ring in all activities during the day. The ring is made out of titanium, it’s water resistant up to 100 meters and has a durable DLC coating. Whatever you want to do, the ring won’t stop you doing it. It’s daily-life proof.”

Is there something you’d want to say to anyone considering an Oura ring?

“Everybody’s unique and everybody has their own unique style. We wanted the Oura ring to reflect that. It’s available in four colors – black, silver, rose gold and stealth black – and three design collections. We designed it so that it looks and feels good wherever you are, on the red carpet or in the comfort of your own bed.”

The new Oura ring is now available for pre-order. Shop now.

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