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Oura Crew | Oct 17, 2017

Doing the Right Things | Activity and the Oura Ring

Hannu Lakso from Vantaa, Finland, tracks his activity and readiness with the Oura ring. Recently retired, Hannu spends his time by biking, building scale models, and paying visits to both the gym and his cottage. Having tested many different activity trackers, he thinks the ring is compact and comfortable to use.

Hannu’s wife introduced him to the Oura ring. She showed it to him and asked whether he would want to get one for a birthday present. Hannu, who has always been sporty and familiar with many types of activity trackers and measurement devices, was instantly interested.

“I have owned all types of activity bands, but to be honest, I’ve been quite disappointed with many of them. On average, they cost some 200 euros, and I’ve constantly had to return and replace them”, Hannu says.

“They’ve come with a warranty, so no harm done, but I still got tired of that. I wanted to get a compact product that wouldn’t stand out that much, and that does what it’s supposed to do.”

Help for Tracking Activity, Sleep and Resting Heart Rate

Hannu ordered his ring in advance already when it still was under development. He thought that the ring and the idea behind it was so marvellous that it was worth investing in. He still thinks the same – the ring has been in use ever since it arrived.

“I wear the ring all the time, and haven’t noticed any problems with it. The beef is that with the help of the ring I can see whether I’m active enough. Another advantage is what the data reveals about my readiness,” Hannu says.

“I use the ring for tracking sleep and resting heart rate. It’s easy to notice if I’m, say, about to catch a cold or some sort of an infection, because in that case my resting heart rate tends to go up and my overall state of mind is not that good.”

“The Ring Confirms That I’m Doing the Right Things”

Hannu is especially satisfied with using the ring at night, because it’s significantly easier to sleep with it than it was with activity bands. In general, Hannu thinks that the ring is effortless to use, and neat to look at.

“I’ve recommended the ring to many of my friends. I’ve spent at least the same amount of money on devices that now lie on my desk drawer. You always need to keep in mind what you get with the money you spend. If you don’t get enough, then it’s money misspent, even if the price is cheap”, Hannu says.

“With the help of the ring, I track my daily goals. I have my own protocol which I follow and according to which I’m active. The ring confirms that I’m doing the right things.”

If you’re interested in tracking your activity and you don’t yet have the tools for it, have a look at the Oura ring in the Oura Shop. If you have an Oura ring, have a look at our Activity FAQ for more answers or dig deep into your data in the Oura Cloud Beta.

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