Oura Crew | Nov 29, 2017

The Three Oura Scores: Sleep, Readiness and Activity

What does Oura track? How does Oura provide me feedback? What is a sleep score? What is an activity score? What is a readiness score?

Measuring Your Body’s Response

At Oura, we believe that finding the perfect balance in life – that sweet spot of just the right amount of activity and recovery – is possible. You just have to know what questions to ask to reach that enlightened equilibrium. We’ve been studying the subject for years, and it’s what lead to the creation of Oura ring, and our easy-to-use Oura app. We believe with the right data and the right feedback, everyone can find their perfect balance.

To do so, we blend a mix of intelligent data and expertise in physiology to make accurate, actionable recommendations across three categories: Sleep Score, Activity Score and Readiness Score.

For each category, Oura uses its own proprietary algorithms built from years of experience: understanding the nuances of the body’s performance, need for sleep and response to training. The result is a personalized plan based on your body’s unique signals and data – with easy-to-read screens and ideas for improvement over time.

Read on to learn how you can receive personalized recommendations with Oura.

Sleep Score

Until recently, few devices outside of a laboratory could accurately provide meaningful data to the average person wanting to track their sleep. Oura’s revolutionary technology brings those insights daily, collecting your data with every night’s sleep. We call it your Sleep Score.

How do we calculate your Sleep Score? Find the Oura Sleep Metrics explained here.

Activity Score

For Oura, activity tracking is not just about calculating steps, miles or calories, but also about guiding you towards your own unique activity and rest balance. With this perspective, we calculate variables in six categories for a holistic snapshot of your body’s motion at the right time.

We explain the Oura Activity Metrics in greater detail here.

Readiness Score

While tracking sleep and activity are straightforward concepts, many people don’t understand that proper recovery time is a crucial component of one’s overall health. Readiness, when it comes to our physical and mental ability to handle the day’s strain, is our way of telling you how prepared your body is for the tasks you want to perform each day.

How well you sleep is in the core of the Oura readiness tracking. When you sleep, your body and mind recover and recharge – that’s when you build your readiness. Measuring your nighttime body signals therefore reveals invaluable data about your ability to perform during the following day. Another cornerstone of Oura readiness tracking is your daytime activity and load.

Oura analyzes your night-time and daytime data and tells you how ready you are. But it’s not just single days and nights, or individual metrics, that it uses gauge your readiness. Instead, it combines short- and long-term data: for example, what has your load been during the past 7 days. You will get not only a snapshot of your readiness status, but also a deeper understanding of your overall wellbeing.

Find more detail on Readiness and its contributing factors in our recent posts.

Score a Better You

Want the right tools to start tracking your sleep and improving your performance? Visit the Oura shop and pre-order the new Oura ring.

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