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by Oura Crew • Nov 30, 2017

What Has Changed? | The New Oura Ring

Do you have the first Oura ring? If you want to know what has changed, what’s new and what stays the same, you’re in the right place. This article gives you an overview of the new Oura ring as compared to the first Oura ring.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

Why a Ring | Discover the Ultimate Wearable

Learn why a ring provides more precise, accurate data when it comes to tracking your sleep.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

Find Your Own Circadian Rhythm

Your body works in rhythm with its own internal clock, find out how Oura helps you align better with yours.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

Looking Back | The Oura Story and the First Oura Ring

Staying balanced when life gets busy isn’t easy. This is the powerful lesson the founders of Oura learned during their fast-paced, long careers in international business and technology. In situations where people are constantly asked to push harder and stretch their boundaries, how could they keep their lifestyles healthy and consistently centered?

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

Designing for the Future | The New Oura Ring

The new Oura ring comes in three design collections: Balance, Heritage and Balance Diamond. We sat down with Oura CTO and Head of Design Kari Kivelä to talk about what went into designing the new ring.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

The Three Oura Scores: Sleep, Readiness and Activity

In this article you'll learn about the feedback Oura provides: three scores that give you daily benchmarks of your body's response to your lifestyle.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

The Oura Solution: How it Works

What is Oura? How does the Oura system help me improve my sleep and quality of life? In this article, you’ll get a quick overview on this revolutionary technology to improve your health and find greater balance.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

The Philosophy Behind Oura

Read more about the thinking and philosophy behind the Oura experience.

by Oura Crew • Nov 29, 2017

The Science Behind Oura

The Oura ring and its proprietary algorithms are a combination of extensive scientific understanding, years of careful research and development work, and top-notch engineering.

by Oura Crew • Nov 16, 2017

The Ring That Guides Towards Balance | Oura Sleep Quality Tracking

Elina Lotvonen decided to find balance in the midst of hectic everyday life. Read her experiences about the Oura ring, sleep quality tracking and much more.

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