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by Oura Crew • Mar 15, 2018

Pre-Order Update #4: Updates to Oura Cloud

A look at the newest updates to Oura Cloud and the new Oura app. Introducing CSV export, average values and an updated activity tab.

by Oura Crew • Mar 6, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Meet Oura's Senior Data Scientist Heli Koskimäki

What's it like to work at Oura? Visit behind the scenes and meet our Senior Data Scientist Heli Koskimäki.

by Oura Crew • Mar 1, 2018

Pre-Order Update #3: Questions and Answers

In our third Pre-Order Update we answer the questions you've sent us – from the simple yet important to the unexpected.

by Oura Crew • Feb 21, 2018

A Journey to Improve | How I Transformed My Life to Become Successful

Oura Community member Trey Kauffman shares his personal journey to change his lifestyle and promote healthier habits.

by Oura Crew • Feb 15, 2018

Pre-Order Update #2: A Look Inside the New Oura Ring

In this second Pre-Order Update we'll have a look inside the new Oura ring.

by Oura Crew • Feb 5, 2018

To Wake or Not to Wake? Should I Change My Habits to Work Out with My Partner?

Dave from Oura gives us a first-hand account of his experiment to adjust his training time to workout with his partner, and what his journey taught him.

by Oura Crew • Jan 31, 2018

Put a Ring on It | I Was Proposed to with an Oura Ring

We asked you to share your stories about life changes. Here’s one so romantic that you'd almost suspect it’s from a movie.

by Oura Crew • Jan 23, 2018

Tracking Restorative Sleep with Oura Cloud | Sleep Goals Follow-Up

One of our sleep goals is to improve the restorative nature of sleep. How to track it? In this article, we introduce the Oura Cloud Trends view.

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