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by Oura Crew • Jul 12, 2018

There's a Good Chance You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

We offer a gentle reminder on the importance of sleep and the effects of getting too little.

by Oura Crew • Jul 5, 2018

Pre-Order Update #10: Where to find information and useful tips

This week’s pre-order update lists useful links to information and tips about the new Oura ring.

by Oura Crew • Jun 26, 2018

The Perfect Day for Productivity Begins the Night Before

How can you set yourself up for success? How can you enhance your productivity by setting up useful routines? Read how biohacker Siim Land structures his day for productivity.

by Oura Crew • Jun 21, 2018

Understand and Track Your Menstrual Cycle Phases

How does your menstrual cycle affect you? Learn how to track your menstrual cycle and its effects with the Oura ring.

by Oura Crew • Jun 15, 2018

From the Edge of the Unknown to Business as Usual | Oura COO Tommi Pyykönen

What’s it like to bring out a product never seen before? We sat down with our COO Tommi Pyykönen to shed light on the ring delivery process and schedule.

by Oura Crew • Jun 12, 2018

Pre-Order Update #9: Shipping Status and Import Approvals

Answers to the most commonly asked questions and useful resources.

by Oura Crew • Jun 6, 2018

Dealing with Jet Lag: A Traveler’s Digital Notebook

An Oura team member shares an inside look at dealing with jet lag.

by Oura Crew • May 29, 2018

Pre-Order Update #8: First Rings Shipped

The first Oura rings have shipped! Also, important information for all Android users.

by Oura Crew • May 25, 2018

Oura Community | Leanne Spencer on Optimal Recovery and Peak Performance

How to track recovery? How to optimize peak performance? Learn Leanne Spencer's tips for optimal recovery and performance.

by Oura Crew • May 23, 2018

New Oura Privacy Policy and GDPR

Read more about the updated Privacy Policy and what it means for you.

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